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Bigger and Better at Second Plugfest!

Posted by arungupta on March 10, 2006 at 4:14 PM PST

As reported
, Sun particiapted in the second plugfest
hosted by Microsoft. Harold,
Vivek, Mike, Jiandong and myself
(all from Sun) spent most of the week in Redmond testing interoperability between Sun's Project
technologies and Microsoft's Windows
Communication Foundation
. There were other Sun participants engaged remotely
as well.

Again as mentioned, we were bigger and performed much better than the
last plugfest.
We tested interoperability of implementations of WS-Addressing (both W3C
and SOAP Binding
and W3C Member Submission),
MTOM, Reliable Messaging, Schema and WSDL, Web Services Security 1.0 and Metadata Exchange.
The source code of these implementations will be available in Glassfish
and binaries in the Java Web Services
Developer Pack
in the future.

Robert Scoble stopped by
during lunch yesterday and talked to us about our visit. As always, our
answer was "It's all about customers"!. I'll post a link to the video
log whenever it's available. Kirill
and Jorgen were the main
host and a bunch of other Microsoft engineers were present to help debug the
problems through out the day.

I think the social aspect of participating in the plugfest really helps us to
resolve problems quicker at the engineering level, when working remotely. Check
out the some
from our participation at the plugfest.

BTW, catching up on my blog entries, I found Yasser
from Microsoft posted
a link to WCF
architecture overview
and it's a good read!



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