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I'll be spending more time on Hudson going forward

Posted by kohsuke on May 29, 2008 at 4:30 PM PDT

Hudson started several years ago as my hobby project, yet over the time it has really grown in terms of popularity. Now it's one of the most active projects on with users all over the world. Unfortunately, this being a hobby means I still had day job responsibilities like JAXB, Metro, and GlassFish v3, so I had to work on Hudson weekends and in the night.

Well, I'm happy to report that I don't have to do that any more — Hudson is now my day job, and I'll also have some flexibility to work on some other tools in the simliar space as Hudson (and some are actually already in the works, so stay tuned!)

With this shift, I plan to finally implement some of the long-standing big features, as well as fix more bugs in more timely fashion. For example, Stephen and I are already working on enabling virtual machines to be used as build slaves (so that you don't have to install test environment to each machine individually.) I also already started working on making plugin installations much simpler, just like you do from IDEs.

Beyond that, nowadays I think of Hudson as a foundation for doing all kinds of automation in software development, not just doing builds and tests, and I think this is an emerging problem space that Hudson should be solving. Imagine the world, for example, where a developer can commit a change without running a test at all, and just let a system like Hudson progressively exposes it to more serious testing as well as integrating with other people's changes, all the way down to its deployment. Imagine if you can track which stage of this pipeline your particular change is, and correlate regressions with exact set of changes. Imagine you have a test failure in a long test — what if Hudson runs the test up to the failing test, then notify you and let you attach a debugger to this running instance, so that you don't have to take steps to reproduce the problem on your local system any more? I think those are all possible.

The only sad thing about this change is that most likely I will continue to hack on Hudson in evening and weekends anyway. There are just so much that can be done, yet the life is so short...


Absolutely great job! Well done!

Great news, can't wait to see what else you have in store !

Congratulations! good to see more time being spent on what is one of the best CI tools

Kohsuke, I couldn't be more excited about you working on Hudson fulltime and implementing some great automation features. However, I certianly hope projects such as JAXB don't suffer without you because you did great work on the those projects as well.

Hudson rocks! Congrats, Kohsuke!

Congrats! This means a lot for Hudson momentum! I think Im already seeing that you are implementing the plugin thingie, that is great!


Great! We are also Hudson users. It greatly simplified and automated the build process. Thanks.

My congratulations! Hudson is one of the few tools we use at our 'software factory' that just works out of the box. This is a no-bullshit product that has a lot of potential. Already quite impressed...

Sweet! Congradulations, Kosuke!

Congratulations! We are using Hudson with a great pleasure and it helped us to implement a continuous integration loop after every check-in. It saved us a lot of trouble later on. A great feature to this would be: supply a patch to Hudson to test before committing it. I have seen this feature at TeamCity in a demo and it is really great to test (major) changes before committing it.


Thank you for the kind words, folks. I'll do my best.

Congratulations from a happy Hudson user. :) It would certainly be nice to see Hudson evolve into an automation and integration tool for all stages of development, from builds and tests to deployment and debugging. I will be following the proposed evolution with interest. Ismael

Congratulations to Kohsuke. It is fantastic for the entire community when a open source developer who grows a hobby project into the success that Hudson has become can leave his day job to spend his working hours on that hobby. Cheers mate.

Congrats! Thanks for all your hard work, and hope that you get all the satisfaction and pleasure out of the project you have had in the past in the future as your fulltime commitment.

Really good news - a big thank you for your effort and good luck with your new "fulltime" project - waiting for new cool ideas ;-)