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FOSDEM and Øredev wrap-up

Posted by terrencebarr on March 2, 2009 at 5:40 AM PST


Well, it's been a couple of weeks since FOSDEM and Øredev but I'd still like to share my impressions about both conferences and follow up with links to slides and videos for those who couldn't make it.

First, Øredev:

Øredev was undoubtedly one of the best conferences I've been to in years - on multiple levels. The content was both broad and deep (which is rare), the speakers were generally good or excellent, the crowd was a good size (around 1000) and the attendees represented a good mix across industries and experience levels, and last but not least, the organization was outstanding. Big thanks and kudos to Michael Tiberg and his team for a job well done! I'll most definitely be back.

I also met a number of interesting folks and had many good conversations. The above picture shows Michael Samarin (Futurice), Gorkem Ercan (Nokia), Josh Marinacchi (Sun), and myself (from left to right).

Many of the session slides and videos have been posted on Ø Check them out, for example my session "LWUIT: Building rich user interfaces NOW".

FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting


This was my first year at FOSDEM but I've heard many good things about it so it was high time to participate.

The atmosphere was laid back and friendly - it was definitely a community get-together. If there is a single place on the old continent to go to for a 360 view of the European open source scene and meet the players - this is it. With its main track, 19 parallel 'Dev Rooms', lightning talks, booths, and various auxiliary events the place was bustling with activity and an estimated 1200 attendees.

The Java Libre Dev Room was busy and well attended on both days. You can find the schedule, pictures, and slides on the Debian FOSDEM wiki. My discussion about "Pure GPL - Is it still up to date" was quite interesting but not as lively as I had expected - maybe it was the advanced hour where everyone was exhausted already. However, it reved up later in email and is still continuing ... ;-) Dalibor Topic did a detailed round-up of the Java Libre Dev Room and here are some pictures.

Overall, a good conference. If I had some improvements to make I'd definitely want to have a stand with decent espresso coffee next year (come on, a hacker's conference without strong coffee ... what's that???). Also, there was a bit too much smoking going on for my taste - the Friday evening beer event was pretty much unbearable with 150 people crammed into the two room Delirium Cafe and practically no ventilation. In this day and age I'd expect more options for people who prefer not to participate in health hazards ... ;-(

Anyway, there you have it. Cheers,

-- Terrence