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Installation of NetBeans plug-in modules

Posted by a_glasman on May 2, 2007 at 7:55 AM PDT

Required Software

The following software is required to ensure that the plug-in works properly and should be downloaded and installed:

You can use different Java ME emulators. We tested this plug-in module with the following products:

The current version of the NetBeans plug-in is a prototype and therefore has some limitations. For example, the use of space characters in path names is not allowed. Please keep this in mind during the installation process.


You can download the NetBeans plug-in from the cqME portal:

This pack includes the following NetBeans Downloadable Modules:

  • com-sun-testme.nbm - main module
  • com-sun-testme-javatest.nbm - wrapper for cqME testing tools
  • com-sun-testme-jtviewer.nbm - test result viewer module

All these modules are required and should be installed.

You can take plug-in sources from the repository at


The process of plug-in installation is standard for NetBeans IDE.It includes the following steps:

  • Select the Tools > Update Center tab from the main menu
  • In the Select Location of Modules pane
    of the Update Center Wizard
    select Install Manually Downloaded Modules (.nbm Files)
    and click Next.

  • In the Select Modules to Install pane
    of the Update Center Wizard
    click the Add button and select the following previously downloaded
    NetBeans Test plug-in modules:

    • com-sun-testme-javatest.nbm
    • com-sun-testme-jtviewer.nbm
    • com-sun-testme-testme.nbm

    Click Next.

  • In the next window of the Select Modules to Install pane
    of the Update Center Wizard
    check that the following modules are included in the install procedure:

    • JTViewer
    • TestME
    • JTharnessAndJ2MEfw

    Click Next.

  • In the License Agreement window,
    read the license agreement and accept it by clicking Accept.
  • In the Download Modules to Install pane
    of the Update Center Wizard
    verify that all modules are downloaded successfully and click Next.
  • In the View Certificates and Install Modules pane
    of the Update Center Wizard
    choose the following modules

    • JTViewer
    • TestME
    • JTharnessAndJ2MEfw

    by checking corresponding checkbox.

    Click Finish to complete the installation of the modules.

  • Installation of NetBeans plug-in is complete now. You should be able to see these modules in the Module Manager (Tools > Module Manager).

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