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Quality Formula

Posted by a_glasman on May 2, 2007 at 7:37 AM PDT

For a long time, testing of Java ME platforms and testing of Java ME applications were quite different areas. The developer community considered platform testing as something that exists far from them and is not applicable to their work.

It's similar to the Formula 1 auto-racing championship. A lot of major car manufacturers such as Mersedes-Benz, BMW, Renault, Toyota, Honda participate in this tournament. But you can't use a Formula 1 car in order to drive to work. It is not only the price of the car that prevents you – you need special roads, fuels, etc... And of course skills...
At the same time, many achievements from Formula 1 are coming to «usual» cars and we can benefit from them daily.

Testing tools at the cqME portal were used for years in platform testing. Almost every Java ME technology is certified with them. And now we'd like to bring all our experience and achievements to the world of application testing. The first step was to implement the
NetBeans plug-in modules in order to integrate our tools with NetBeans IDE and apply them to testing of Java ME applications. In this blog I'm going to discuss its creation and usage.

Returning to Formula 1, the “formula” means the set of rules which all participants and cars should meet. This suggested to me the main theme for this blog – the Quality Formula. I'll consider different aspects of application testing using the existing tools at cqME portal.

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