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Using Sun's Virtualization software xVM VirtualBox on MacbookPro for Windows 7 Beta

Posted by aditya_dada on February 5, 2009 at 2:19 PM PST

I got a new Intel-based MacBook Pro the other day and decided to try out Sun's xVM VirtualBox software on Mac OSX to install Windows 7 Beta.
Here are the steps I followed:

  1. Download the software from
  2. Select the default settings while installing.
  3. Download the new windows 7 Beta from the Microsoft website: and create a boot DVD disk from the iso image.
  4. Click on the new icon on the VirtualBox window to create a new VM.
  5. A Wizard will start that will guide you through the simple setup.

  6. Select OS Wizard will start. Select Windows 7 and give a name of your choice. E.g. Windows7Beta

  7. Select RAM for your OS. I gave 1024MB.

  8. Select HDD.


    Here, you will need to create a new HDD partition that will host the new OS that you're installing. Click on the "New" button to launch the wizard.

  9. Select size of the virtual hard disk that you'd like to allocate for the OS. I gave 30 GB to dynamically growing disk meaning that the disk allocation will start small and grow to a max of 30 GB if needed.

  10. Click Finish. You will see a new VM for the OS in the main window
  11. Double click the newly created VM.
  12. Insert the Boot disk for DVD you created earlier
  13. The new VM will guide you through the setup using the normal installation wizards.





I found VirtualBox extremely easy and intuitive to use.

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