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JDC 2008 Call for sponsors

Posted by ahashim on December 24, 2007 at 7:18 AM PST

JDC 2008 will take place at 15 March 2008 @ Intercontinental CityStars.

We are looking for sponsors for our event. If your company can sponsor our event, contact me off list and will give you all information about the sponsorship.

In JDC2008, we have a lot of interesting topics to introduce like

* Rich Internet application development using Java Server Faces and AJAX
* Service Oriented Architecture
* Business Process Management & Business Rules
* Open Enterprise Java Bean 3.0, a light weight implementation
* Spring2.5, The de-facto Java EE application platform.
* Aspect Oriented Programming
* Developing Rich clients using JavaFX

Our speakers:-

* Ed Burns (Sun Microsystems, co-specs lead for JSF)
* Chuck Mun-Lee (Sun Microsystems Evangelist)
* Alef Arndsen (SpringSource's Principal Consultants)
* Hossam Kareem (ITWorx Technical Architect)
Mohamed Nour El-Din (Apache OpenEJB committer)
* Ahmed Hashim (EGJUG Leader)

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