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How popular is Java compared to .Net in Egypt?

Posted by ahashim on January 19, 2008 at 2:08 PM PST

How Java is popular in Egypt?

In my interview with Geertjan Wielenga, he asked me this question, I think Java popularity is around 25% in Egypt. Some friends asked me verbally about the reason behind my opinion.

.net platform is very popular because of

  1. .net is popular in universities, very easy to learn and TA's can easily work through it. In some egypian universities, you will not find any student know Java. I did a presentation in one of those universities , check this event and see the comments of the students. Another guy telling that his university student also don't know yet about Java.
  2. The number of graduation projects being developed by .net is more than those developed by Java, because .net is easy to startup and can make a showy project in less time than other. As a result, guys who developed a graduation project with .net will target .net developer vacancies after graduation.
  3. Microsoft supports the universities and provide them with a training material and free license for the software. Sometimes they offer a free training program for all students.
  4. Every year, Microsoft make a celebration for honoring the students who have used .net in their graduation projects.
  5. The training programs we have by the government focus on .net technologies.
  6. Microsoft has an active office in Cairo with 100's of partners. They are doing good marketing for their products.
  7. In the companies I know, the .net team usually bigger than the Java team.
  8. Microsoft pays attention to the Egyptian market & Middle East, unlike Sun, IBM, Oracle and other Java vendors.
  9. Companies can easily find .net developers with differnt skills & experience, while Java developers are not easy to find and hire, speacially the senir guys.

On the other hand, it seems that the Java community more active than others, check Google Trends you will see that the search on Google about Java is more than other technologies like (C#, VB, RoR, PHP) allover the year.

Also the Java news reader are more than PHP, while .net doesn't exists! this what I noticed withing the .net developers in Egypt, almost all of them don't read blogs or articles .. the main source of knowldge is MSDN!

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Well, About Menofia University, they know nothing about .Net .... but their skills in Java should have a lot of question marks ... they need to make more efforts with assistant of the staff there to improve their level.

Are the Java developers more cost than NET developers to hire in Egypt? Based on that is hard to find Java developers in Egypt. Do they earn more than NET developers?

The similar situation is in Ukraine. Not all points of course, but .NET dominates due to education bonuses and quick startup

I agree with you Jaji
Sun should do more marketing and support universities. They don't have any activities in Egypt. About Sun evangelists, we invited them more than time in Our Java User Group and it was very interesting, but the resident/local evangelists and expert should do more efforts too.
We have many customer for Sun Microsystems in Egypt, Sun Solaris, SPARC, Storage devices are dominant in the Egyptian market, however, only sales activities takes place here.
Java is popular in Egypt, but in numbers of developers & students, .net has more and more developers.
We have a Java User Group and have a lot of activities.
About the last question, yes, AFAIK, Java developers earns more than .net developers.

sounds interesting....i think sun needs to send more evangelists down there. Sun needs to begin partnerships with the universites, increase marketing and above all, make training materials that are easy to read and understand. I am a nigerian and I pass by the SUN office located in Lagos mainland and wonder what might be going on in there. I know a few banks in Nigeria use Sun servers cos i run java training for some staffs of a bank here in Nigeria. Java is very popuar here and once you know java well, be sure you would earn well. Nigerians feel .net is too on the surface and the search for indepth programmers make them look for the java programmers. To also increase java popularity, i started a group on called JavaProgrammersInNigeria...more like our own mini JUG. If that goes well, we can then begin partnerships with the universities..... Jaji

HI, Ahmed good analysis to our market, FYI, in menofeya university, all of the studies are in Java, they know nothing about .Net I'm one of its graduates, and I'm .Net developer as well, sounds weird right? but it totally changed in the last 3 years, while I was already graduated in 2005, the first time it graduates students :) I liked the JDC conference a lot as well, Thanks! Anwer