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JavaPolis, the event which I can't attend

Posted by ahashim on January 2, 2008 at 3:26 AM PST

I tried twice to attend JavaPolis but I have a major show stopper, I can't get Visa from Egypt to Belgium. I am not the only case, a sporting club in Egypt lost an opportunity to join a champion in Belgium because of the Visa. Simply the Belgium Embassy in Cairo rejects 95% of the visa applications without any justification.

In this article, they mentioned the case of the "Shotting club" which they lost this champion, the Perelman will investigate in this case to know the reason of this behavior from Belgium Embassy.

I am sure that this will effect the business relations between Egypt and Beljium, the first reaction from the sporting clubs is to terminate the contracts between them and any Belgian company.

About myself, I will not try to attend JavaPolis until it is easy to get Visa.


JavaPolis contents are available through

I agree with you that the content of JavaPolis will be available online, but attending the event is something different. First being a JUG leader, I would like to see how the big events organized, I want to meet with the JUG leader around the world. Also the conference is a big meeting for the Java geeks, not only sessions. I think not all the sessions will be published on Parleys.

Far be it for me to comment on international immigration policies. I certainly say it's unfortunate that you won't be able to make Javapolis. But, as an aside, it's a good example to highlight the need to make events like Javapolis transcend their location either through webcasts, presentation videos, etc. Granted, the primary benefit of these events are networking and elbow rubbing, but with todays technologies, there's little reason why "what happens and Javapolis should stay at Javaopolis" (to abuse the Las Vegas slogan). I think what Sun does with JavaOne content is great, and other events should do similarly.

I think that all sessions will be published (but not BoFs and Quickies etc), in any case I do agree with you that meeting people is by far more important that attending sessions, so the problem stays here. Good luck with your next conference, I hope to meet you somewhere :-)