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Microsoft is Golden sponsor for the Java Developer Conference in Egypt

Posted by ahashim on February 28, 2008 at 12:24 AM PST

Microsoft? Yes, Microsoft will be a Golden sponsor in the Java Developer Conference which organized by the Egyptian Java User Group.

Why? Because Microsoft has something to show to the Java developers and Open Source fans. Integrating the Java platform with .net platform is a serious topic which Java Developers should be aware with. Also it will be interesting for .net developers. Microsoft joined the Open Source echosystem through the port25 portal and CodePlex. It is a great initiative in Egypt came through the JDC Team and Microsoft :-).

Why other Java related companies & vendors didn't sponsor? Because they don't have local office in Egypt which can do marketing staff, or because they don't care about the Java and Java Technology.

Why Sun Microsystems didn't sponsor? Well, Sun always supporting us, Sun is supporting us in this event with the speakers. The support we got from Sun is more than the usual sponsorship.

What about Oracle, they have a big office in Smart Village, and marketing office in Helioplis? I don't know ..

IBM, I hope we can arrange it well with them next year. For this year, we got a speaker from IBM.

Some telecome companies sponsor all events in Egypt, why they didn't sponsor JDC? We don't have soccer player to speak in this event. we don't have a music to play or hot videos to show.. except the juggy ;). BUT Etisalat will do, because they have different vision and objectives.

There are 10's of local companies, big names .. if you are working in a big company and you can't see it in our sponsors list, please talk to your (HR, Marketing, Technology) department.

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