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Google Chrome: Reopen closed tabs, a cool feature

Posted by ahashim on September 25, 2009 at 1:33 PM PDT

 I found a cool feature in Google Chrome browser and would like to thank who did it and share it with you :-)

It is "Reopen Closes Tabs" it is available in FireFox using the same short cut but founding it in the right click menu is much easier and visiable to the user. 

Due to some limitation on my business laptop, Firefox is crashing all the time without hope to get it fixed and company internal web sites (10's) is supported in IE6 only and could not upgrade to IE7 so I had to live with Google Chrome as much as I can, I found it  very good.


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Why not using opera 10? There are even portable versions... Its supports tab recycling since I can remember :-) (in the very right over the web search box)

Opera, Good idea

I think it is Good idea to use Opera .. this is the only missing after I got Safari :D which use it as well.
Thanks a lot.