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Spring Roo, a quick note

Posted by ahashim on February 13, 2010 at 11:22 AM PST

I was going through the documentation of Spring Roo, version 1.0.1 while preparing a talk for JDC 2010 about the Spring Roo .. No need to mention the Roo is awesome, amazing and not Magic :-)

Ben Alex , Stefan Schmidt did a great job really in this project. Smart architecture!

"The automated startup-time scan is also very useful as you upgrade to newer versions of Roo. Often a new version of Roo will incorporate enhancements to the add-ons that generate files in your project." check more on Roo documentation . This is very useful, and once there is a new version from Roo, developers will participate in testing it by just running the roo shell in their project's directory!

Spring Roo, I like it :)