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New Cool feature from "My Boss should offer me that course"

Posted by ahashim on June 30, 2010 at 6:30 AM PDT is a website for online exams and distance/coached e-learning. I love it! and encouraging all my friends to visit it. A new feature "I believe it is new" has been launched to help shy people who can't request training from their managers :-)

BBF "BlackBeltFactory" build a marketplace for Java training, the portal has a very cool Java courses and anyone can be a coach and get paid for coaching students by the students!

Student can now ask their managers indirectly to offer them training :) check this course page where you can let the system notify your manager about your need for this course, even with the coach name and its rate ;) selecting me will make me happy for sure.

Believe it or not but with this blog post I can earn more contribution points at the website so that I can take more exams for free!!


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