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Layout, Controls, and Hybrids at JavaOne

Posted by aim on May 22, 2009 at 9:53 PM PDT

To follow up my article on JavaFX layout, I'll be presenting a section on layout at our JavaOne session on FX UI Controls. At this session, Richard, Jasper, and I will talk in detail about new apis which make it easier to build amazing interfaces:


look to this demo - i think this is the best candidad for JavaFX Extreme GUI Makeover

I didn't get a clear idea about the ability to add JavaFX to existing Swing apps. I did attend the GUI Makeover that discussed the other way (Using Swing in JavaFX). What is the status of embedding JavaFX into Swing? Any projects in work related to that?

Alas, although the JavaFX compiler is open-source (/, the rest is not. However, you don't need source to use JavaFX -- download the 1.2 SDK and try it out (

Amy, I was at a few of your sessions at JavaOne and am interested in using JavaFX in an existing Swing desktop application. In particular I am interested in using cool graphic effects. I was curious about the availability of the JavaFX source code. Is this open source?

I have just been to your session (TS-5578). I'm still very new with JavaFX, but the new controls look great! Your session really made me enthousiastic about JavaFX. Creating nice GUIs looks so much more easy with JavaFX than with Swing or HTML / CSS / JavaScript. I also love the charts that are included. But please add more basic controls like the combobox and table before spending too much time on things like charts!

Right now there is no supported mechanism for embedding an FX scene into a Swing app, however Richard Bair and Jasper Potts worked out a hack which Josh Marinacci wrote up in a blog (; use with caution, of course. Hack aside, this issue is on our internal radar and we discussed possible solutions at great length during a team offsite today. In the meantime, I recommend going the other way -- bring in large portions of your Swing hierarchy onto an FX Stage.

Amy, can you comment on the topic of embedding JavaFX into Swing apps? Is this on the radar internally?

Thanks for the update Amy. Sorry I missed this before I commented on your new blog entry.