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Good Book, Great Authors

Posted by aim on July 15, 2009 at 7:34 PM PDT

Even before I started working on the JavaFX project, there were a handful of very brave outside individuals who have dedicated tremendous energy to tracking our bleeding edge. I've had the pleasure of working with two of them in particular, Stephen Chin and Jim Weaver, and I'd like to call attention to their JavaFX book (hot off the press):

Pro JavaFX Platform: Script, Desktop and Mobile RIA with Java Technology

This book is everything we'd like our documentation to be: organized, thorough, practical, and easy to read. In fact, I'll be using it as a general reference myself for the areas of JavaFX for which I don't personally slave over.

As early adopters, the authors of this book have been happy to share their experiences with us in ways that have strengthened the apis and platform and I am personally grateful for their feedback -- even when Stephen tells me I got something wrong (like LayoutInfo's width/height should have been called prefWidth/prefHeight :-).


fyi -- Stephen is also being considered as a Java Champion; -- I've also seen him present a local Java Users Groups... very good speaker, organized, calm-personable delivery of content-- He's "evangelist" material.. -- Aaron Houston - Sun Program Coordinator: Java User Groups, Java Champions, NetBeans Dream Team.

And I have the good fortune of working with one of the other authors, Weiqi Gao. He's a brilliant man and has written some fantastic articles and blog entries on the topic. While I don't have any immediate plans to use JavaFX, I really look forward to reading this book because I know anything he does will be excellent.