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heart and soul

Posted by aim on January 26, 2010 at 11:31 PM PST

Though I've yet to receive my red pill or my blue pill, I cannot let this eve pass without a formal farewell to the company I've called home since college. Just the other day I came across my original Sun badge while cleaning out an old box:

Sun was 6.  I was 22.    I chose Sun because it seemed like networking might be important for the future.  We were battling IBM, DEC, and HP, and feared that Windows NT would be the death of Unix.   Apple's future seemed bleak.   Let that be a lesson to anyone who thinks they know what the future holds in this business. 

In addition to being a phenomenal place to be an engineer, Sun had tremendous heart and soul.  Thanks, Scott, for creating that.  I will miss it.


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Good luck to all of you.

Due to both age and geographical distance, I can't say I share the experience of working for "early Sun" and all it was about. I have a rather strong personal connection to it however, talking about my very first contact with Unix systems (Solaris), my very first contact with "the internet" (Mosaic and, later, Netscape atop Solaris), my first contact with non-Windows-PC workstations (sun4u, here we come...), my very first contact with the CDE style of desktop environments (which I still adhere to, then and now, using XFCE atop OpenSolaris and Linux), and so forth. Seeing Sun (a company I loosely associate with "university" and being a student) being acquired by Oracle (a company merely associated with "business", "enterprise", ...) is a strange feeling in some way - putting an end to student life after all, becoming part of the "corporate world"? Oh well... As I don't work there, guess I am just "partly" afflicted by the changes arising from Sun becoming part of Oracle... but it surely doesn't go unnoticed. So... my most sincere wishes of good luck to all of you at Sun, good luck on wherever you are about to go in near future, and, along with this, thanks for creating an impressive ecosystem of technology and innovation. Surely will be missed, let's hope Oracle will do good at keeping up this heritage. :) K.

Passion and time

Company Names come and go, Marketing sweets care and forget, Hype and despair never for long stay, Manager do quick carrer but often change schips, Logos swap, changing names for to sign the change of time, Money buys, money sells, sometimes even companies, We know, software builders and bloody designers that we need love and pation to make our duty, Revolution do take longer to prepare than we first think, But step by step when we work hard And later when we at last foresee heaven, We know we are in the good direction. What sparkle need we to spread the world ? Logo swap, new name and new colors, perhaps yes and we do embrace the change, because next is our time to spread The change. Go luck javaFx/Swing/java2d/java3d/ect....

Best wishes Amy

Thank you for all of your great contributions Amy. An adventure like Sun was a very special one indeed.

Best of luck in the future. (though as you mentioned, none of us can know what that is, ahead of time)

I am happily looking forward to even more great things from you! :-)