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Jeopardy Project has started!

Posted by aiqa on July 27, 2004 at 2:17 AM PDT

Everyone using linux (iptables command) should (at least once) wish to use a graphical interface which can be used from any place at any platform (even a cell phone). One unified user interface for all your linux based firewall management needs which can be accessed via a browser or used as an application. One who is expert in networking can insert some sort of "rocket science rules" to the firewall while a newbie can click "close http access" after reading the explanation above the button.,

Netfilter Team has build an excellent firewall software which is developed day by day by the power of open source software. Linux lovers already started to use it but companies or linux (even computer) newbies hated the cli which is called "black screen" by those people.

Then we see some graphical user interfaces. Maybe the most succesful one is fwbuilder which lacks of working on different operating systems. It works only on linux :(. Not extendible to new netfilter pathces. A plain firewall managament intarface. (I don`t say it is a poor software but it is just a firewall interface)

jEopardy will be more than a firewall management software. It will also be network monitoring software with ids capabilities (it may work with snort ?) It will be a network oracle :) The only disadvantage of jEopardy is, it is still in the planning state. We have to work hard to create the best tool ever written for firewall management.

One who is involved in this project will learn how to program in Java or C, will learn networking concepts and security. Join us!

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