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What is your aim in this community?

Posted by aiqa on September 17, 2004 at 12:47 AM PDT

Why do we live? Why am I born? Why do I have the power to ask myself "why do I have the power to ask myself?".

Does an ant think what it is doing? Why it works all day long and never sleeps? If an ant would be able to think why he works all the day and follow only the one infront of him would there be a perfect colony for the ants? Which ant decides which path is the best to find food and why an ant decides to follow another but does not try to find its own path?

Why do I have this power? The power to be able to think that no creature has ever thought. I am not the fastest nor the strongest being among the others. Why am I the cleverest?

A cheetah runs fast to hunt, a giraffe eats the fruits that noone can reach, bat hears what noone can hear. Animals are good at what they are good to find food. From another point of view they are using their best ability to find their food.

My gift is my mind !

Am I clever to find food? I think to find food, to kill, to create, to destroy, to love, to hate... Am I clever just to do one of these things better than others?

Am I clever to believe, to find something to believe in or not clever enough at all? What shall I believe? ...believe in me?

My mental ability is given to me to create the tool to hunt, to cook, to write, to fly, to explore, to play with numbers, to find the borders of the universe. When some people started to hunt while some started to cook, the profession concept was born.

There are lots of professions. One is a lawyer, one is a doctor, one is a plumber, one is a computer programmer. Based on knowledge, all these professions are the products of human intelligence but nothing is infinite even our universe, nor our intelligence.

Its speed is what makes a cheetah a cheetah and its abilty to hear is what makes a bat a bat. As cheetah can run fast but can not hear as good as a bat, I can do only one thing better than other people. It is only one proffession what will make me me! Isn`t every person that you know from history is good at one thing?

Be a good doctor at surgery but a doctor who is good at heart surgery but a doctor who is good at heart surgery valve disase type operations, and so on...

Do one thing that can never be done by others as good as you do. Know one thing that is not known by others as much as you do.

Dedicate yourself to one single area as a mother dedicates herself to her child. Live for your aim, take only steps which will take you closer to your aim. Talk about it. Sleep with it, wake up with it.

Isn`t it for a scratch in the time line that will be remembered?

Make it happen. Be the ONE!

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