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SouJava's contest looks for a new Picasso

Posted by alegomes on June 7, 2006 at 6:27 PM PDT

During the FISL 7.0 (7o. Fórum Internacional de Software Livre, VII International Free Software Conference), headed on April, at Porto Alegre/Brazil, the SouJava JUG promoted a painting contest using Javali t-shirts as canvas.

FISL is the biggest free software conference in latin america, reaching 4000 atendees each year, and the SouJava JUG is always there presenting the Javali (Java Livre/Free Java) project, which aims to help the java community to have a whole open source java stack. The painted t-shirts were exposed at the Sun's booth during the conference, and the winner was announced at the end of the event. Can you guess the winner?

More pictures are available at

20060419 - FISL7.0  - 127.jpg

20060419 - FISL7.0  - 133.jpg

20060419 - FISL7.0  - 134.jpg

20060419 - FISL7.0  - 135.jpg

20060419 - FISL7.0  - 136.jpg

20060419 - FISL7.0  - 137.jpg

20060419 - FISL7.0  - 138.jpg

20060419 - FISL7.0  - 139.jpg

20060419 - FISL7.0  - 140.jpg

20060419 - FISL7.0  - 141.jpg

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