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2007 - The year of Java in TV

Posted by alegomes on May 10, 2007 at 4:54 AM PDT

Every JavaOne bring us numbers. For the mobile universe, the actual numbers are: 2.1 billion Java handsets, 2.5 billion Java Cards, 4 million Blu-Ray devices and 7 million set-top boxes. Wow, that's impressing, but there's something smelling different this year...

If I'm not wrong, 2001 was the mobile year at JavaOne. The big focus was the introduction of J2ME to the community. I felt like being asked all the time to get into that new and exciting technology (and so I did). In 2002, the message was like "Java in mobile devices is a fact, what are you waiting for?". And, since then, mobility has always been in JavaOne.

Looking from distance, this year is not different from others. Mobility is a recurrent subject in BOFs, TSs e General Sessions. However, in my opinion, we are living a new big moment for the Mobility and Embedded Java world that need to be remarked. For me, this is the year of the Java and TV related technologies.

As 2001 is remembered by me as the year Java was massive inserted into cellphones, 2007 will me remembered as the year that Java was popularized in the television, and that's one of cool stuffs I've talked before!

If you are not sure about it, look at the numbers. Set-top boxes has never been so numerous and Blu-Ray is out there. A number of set-top boxes are being shipped with OCAP (PBP/CDC/JME) deployed and Blu-Ray comes with a JRE as well!

During the Mobility General Session, Laurie Tolson repeated several times "Volume Creates Opportunity". The TV industry affection about Java can double the device volume we have today. Two times more devices may means four times more opportunities. So, stay tuned in this so promising market. At least, don't miss the show today (Thursday, 05/10/2007):

  • TS5723 - JavaOne Conference TV Track Kickoff Session
  • TS0011 - OCAP: Summary of Technical Features and APIs
  • TS0697 - Java Technology for Interactive TV: Developing and Deploying Effective OCAP Applications
  • TS5931 - OCAP Roadmap and Future Interactive Services on Cable TV
  • TS0887 - Producing Blu-ray Java Software Titles for Hollywood
  • TS5894 - The Role of Java Technology in IPTV
  • BOF0889 - Talk to the Stars: A Discussion of Blu-ray Java Technology
  • BOF5724 - TV Technology Q&A

Yes, thanks to all those who is helping Java goes towards ubiquity.

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