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Talking about Cool Stuffs at JavaOne 2007

Posted by alegomes on May 8, 2007 at 5:03 AM PDT

As computers go towards ubiquity, common life changes. The masses don't care about the latest Glassfish release or the OpenJDK open-source license. They do care about entertainment tools, fancy devices and smart-cars. That's what changes their lives, in the common sense.

Yes, I know all the enterprise stuff and the licensing model impact the way technology is applied and evolves, but now I'm talking as an ordinary consumer, and not as a developer.

Airlan San Juan has a nice post regarding the "small and simple". Take a look.

During Consumer Technologies track, at JavaOne, you can hear about things that impacts directly the way of our lives. Here is a small list of topics to be presented:

  • Java and Cars
  • Java and Cable TV
  • Java and Blu-ray
  • JavaCard and Web 2.0
  • JavaCard and WLANs
  • JavaCard and Mobile Apps
  • ...

So, don't miss the train. If you want to change the everyday life, go ahead and bring Java to the masses, not only by the web, but also by common and cool stuffs. Let's create an effective ubiquitous Java world.

The Java realm is plenty of awesome technologies. It's time to make them all work for common people. It's time to stop creating CRUDs (the world has already plenty of CRUDs :-)). I'm sure we can do better. Using MIDP just as another View layer for enterprise applications is not that interesting. However, combining MIDP with Bluetooth, Jini, JavaCard, JXTA and others are a good way to start things up. I'm going to talk deeper about it later.

Finally, powering consumer services and devices with the Java Technology can make it disappear as the most profound technologies in the world, as said by Mark Weiser. It's just a matter of being creative.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the JavaOne!

-Alexandre Gomes

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