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Is Brazil guilty of open source Java?

Posted by alegomes on February 23, 2008 at 4:17 AM PST

A friend of mine highlighted a nice article at Dr. Dobb's I'd like to share with you.

In the text, the author describes how hot is the FOSS movement in Brazil, how its market is evolving....

"More than saving money, the Software Livre movement offers Brazilian states control over their technological destinies...The money they do spend on software stays in the hands of Brazilian programmers, who buy Brazilian food, live in Brazilian houses and pay Brazilian taxes." - Jon "maddog" Hall, writing in Linux Journal

...and how big this community is.

"Nearly one professional developer in ten worldwide is working and living in South America, according to IDC statistics."

Moreover, it points Brazil as a promising place to make business and establish partnerships. Worth to say, by the way, this week, Brazil changed its worldwide economic position from debtor to creditor.

"The Economist characterized Brazil as the most stable of the BRIC countries(...)"

Well, thanks to all the brazilian guys who are making this scenario a reallity.

"As South America increases in importance in global software, we can expect the region to offer new and expanded markets and a rich and savvy pool of programming talent.

If you want to have a fell of how all this stuff works, come to FISL (International Software Livre Forum) and meet the Javali (Java Livre) community. Latter, you can share you experience as Simon did.


In fact, all in all it's definitively not just another brick in the wall.

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Cool! fisl rocks!

Great article at Dr. Dobb´s ! Nice work ;)

Great job!