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Attention when buying bluetooth dongles

Posted by alegomes on April 29, 2008 at 7:11 PM PDT

Recently, a friend of mine bought a bluetooth dongle.


In theory, it had an external antenna to enhance the signal.

Everything looked fine until the dongle fell down and the truth came up.


Wow, the expanded antenna was everything but to enhance the signal. Actually, it was nothing! Just a piece o plastic attached to the USB dongle bound to anything.


Dhammit! Take care next time you buy a bluetooth dongle....

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Wow! And I almost bought one of those.

Hawking made a junk dongle a while back that I wasted money on. It simply didn't work, but this one is at least entertaining. Once again, it proves that marketing is what initiates sales; technology and innovation are what sustain growth. ...which brings back fond memories of my decision to trash my Dell and buy a Mac.

You fool. That's a wireless antenna ! It gets its power from a microwave emitter on the usb connector. Microwaves are converted back into electricity thanks to induction. Then a bluethooth chip within the antenna sends amplificated data received from a nano network between antenna and usb connector. Why use a wire when we can use microwaves !! Wires are so nineties. Oh, joking, of course... ;)

Something called "billionton" has to justify its name, hence such "features".

hahaha Were your friend Lucas? The same happened to us!
Hmmm... Do not forget to fry it and eat with rice! :)

paedagogus: Mac is good choice... :-)

pepe: Hahahahah. I almost believe!

brunogh: No, it's not Lucas. He's lucky too? :-)