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JWebPane BOF screenshots at JavaOne (2009)

Posted by alex2d on June 16, 2009 at 6:56 AM PDT

Here is screenshot of the demo that was shown at this JavaOne.


More advanced usage of JWebPane. Here we have fully functional web based widget representing Microsoft maps:


Web widgets from this demo can be docked to the semitransparent panel at the bottom of the screen.

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any released to download?

Can you tell me where to get the download to start with? I really like to try it out. Thanks.

Please tell me the place to

Please tell me the place to download JWebPane Project.
Sorry my English...(I'm Japanese...

1 year later

Happy birthday to this post presenting the JWebPane! I wish I was saying this with an actual JWebPane to play with...

HTML DOM integration.

I just stumbled across JWebPane. This could be the best news for Java UI ever. Is there any updated status on this project? Please don't tell me this project is dead, or that the release goals/deliverables are underwhelming. Is there any more detailed architectural document/discussion? Particularly, i'm praying that you make a Java components capable of being first-class HTML DOM node types....
  1. Integrating Java rendering (J2D/J3D/Swing/JavaFX/Swt/...) into the HTML DOM (ie. embedding Java UI components into the HTML rendering pipeline). Considering that you are going through the effort of implementing the rendering engine with J2D i'm on my knees hoping that you are planning on doing this. Please make this framework agnostic (ie. not JavaFX exclusive).
  2. DOM event integration for the the Java embedded components.
  3. CSS integration for the the Java embedded components.
  4. Support recursive DOM node types, so that Java DOM nodes can also contain first class HTML DOM nodes (eg. your HTML page contains Swing components, that could contain HTML, which could then contain a JavaFX component, which could contain more html, etc...).
  5. Bonus if Flash is supported..
  6. Icing on the cake would be including this as part of Java7. Imagine embedding in IE a Java applet that could render any web page better than IE, with natively integrated Java UI components, where the whole app could be "torn off" and installed as a desktop Webstart app (salivating)..
I really believe this would be the killer-component that would shake-up the RIA horserace.

So, does JWebPane support plugins, like Java, Flash, etc.?

From the screenshot JWebpane look great considering that it is using Swing for rendering. I can't get wait to get the release. Keep up the great work, JWebpane dev team !

From the screenshot JWebpane look great considering that it is using Swing for rendering. I can't get wait to get the release. Keep up the great work, JWebpane dev team !

I have just commented in a separate DZone post on this whole HTML 5 versus RIAs thing. Allow me to re post here: I think it's rather sad, and unfortunate to see the HTML standard body, and browser makers get into this pissing contest with the RIA platform providers. It's just a terrible diversion from the real task at hand. When browser makers should have been concentrating their efforts on how to support the semantic web, and how to effectively manage the flood of data that flows through the browser into usable knowledge base, they are instead busily chasing down that rat hole of trying to compete with application platforms feature for feature. Please, let us not waste time and effort into making browsers do things that were not intended for, and let's us all concentrate on trying to make browsers do a better job for which browsers were originally created.

@opinali: It depends on what you're going to do with it. If you're displaying real world html, on which you have no control and no prior knowledge, you'll need the latest features because people are using them, otherwise we're back to the current status quo and people are going to be bitching about them. If you don't care about real world content and only display your own stuff, either flyingsaucer or swing's html 4 support will probably be enough for most of your needs anyway and you don't need jwebpane :) For video JMF's not really an option (dead, codecs, perf, etc and let's not talk about fmj or fobs), and JavaFX's JMC isn't either (you can't distribute it with your app). Either way, personally i don't need most of the latest html5 features, but some people might and jwebpane is not made specially for me, hence my question. And since no one outside sun knows the use cases jwebpane supports, we can only guess and ask questions.

Source Code, Source Code, Source Code :) Java is really lacking a good browser! Would like to use that in JDK5.

@liquid: It's good to have a recent WebKit runtime so we have the latest fixes, enhancements, general HTML goodies (e.g. Acid3-level CSS support) etc. But what's the point of features like HTML5's video, canvas or svg? In a Java-centric app you don't want to use HTML for that, you can use Java (for media you can use JavaFX's codecs). I want a web component that is feature-rich, up to date... but also as small and lightweight as possible, and a full HTML5 renderer - even the relatively lean WebKit - is anyting but small and lightweight. You don't even want to include a high-end JavaScript VM (like SFX, V8 or TM), often necessary to make best use of high-end HTML5 features, because those VMs eat memory and their only point is supporting large AJAX apps. But if you want to run something like Google Wave with a million lines of JS code in the client, this is really not the best use case for a JWebPane.

This seems definitely nice, however i am "worried" about the jwebpane webkit fork/branching point, especially if it's still the same as when we talked about it a year ago (ie safari 3, and a lot has happened in webkit since then). If that's still the case, Genuitec's Webkit for SWT (actually embedding google chrome through CEF, and being reviewed by the eclipse foundation for open sourcing as we speak) will be the best option for people looking for recent html5 features when it's released for swing, at the probable expense of java2d rendering which jwebpane will provide to some extent. As for "I guess we'll know the release date in the next two months" come on, this is what you told us 6 months ago :) what about alpha prerelease bits right now or real soon ? The screenshots, slides, tests by the netbeans team make it look like you're at a point where we could help with the testing.

This is indeed so cool, but it's taking so long... perhaps some community help would speed it up? I'm afraid that when Sun finally releases JWebPane, this release will have compromises like "no Linux or Solaris support yet, please wait another six months" - quite possible since JWebPane depends on native code from WebKit. Porting to different OS'es is one thing you can always rely on the FOSS community to do for you. Just like the rest of JavaFX, the technology may be great, but Sun's proprietary development has been a big disappointment and a step backwards. It's worse than the JDK 10 years ago, when at least the community would receive (a) more timely beta/prerelease builds, (b) full source code even if under a restrictive license like SCSL (was better than nothing).

Nice looking stuff! When will this be available? Where can I look at the source code?

Sounds good. It will be infinitely better if you can provide us with a link to the site from where we can download a working copy of JWebPane. Otherwise, it's just some screenshots.

This was promised ages ago. Release it or stop talking about it.

Looks nice. I need it.. two years ago. :-P When can I have it?

> So, does JWebPane support plugins, like Java, Flash, etc.?

Yes, it does. See, presentation from previous post for more details.

> Is JWebPane needing Swing ? Or JWebPane only needs Java2D ? Thanks for the response.

Yes currently JWebPane is based on swing. Moreover JWebPane class - main one from our api (see previous post with presentation) is inherited from JComponent. Also, we're using swing components in webkit chrome factory to render html controls like buttons, scrollbars.

Is JWebPane needing Swing ? Or JWebPane only needs Java2D ? Thanks for the response.

I really appreciate the development mindset of Jetbrain, the company behind Intellij team. They appear to work cohesively and well-organized, accept feedback and engage the community aggressively, and constantly release bug fix. Although they sell commercial products and give free software too, they are very developer-aware and constantly update and manage the expectation through their blog. And no doubt this is one main reason why Intellij still reins popularly as top-of-breed IDE today and tomorrow. I wonder too if Sun can adopt Jetbrain's development mindset and also their development infrastructure and community system because that is really best practice.

Hi, alex2d is there any way the above JWebpane browser (not as library since there is issue related to library ?) be released in beta form so that we can test and report issues since it is using Swing rendering ? Many developers are very eager to use the library upon release, but let's not repeat the same mistake as JavaFX (sad to say) where lot is promised initially but upon release in first version, developers are disappointed with the offering as project fail to manage public expectation. Really hope that JWebpane doesn't go the same path, and only way to avoid that is to manage expectation through "development" release. The success of JWebpane lies on how well it can be used to solve 80% of the problem, and leaving out 20% advanced features that developers can wait, and the only way to know which is the 80% is to release it for testing and feedback. After using JavaFX, I really dread those kind of "you know it only after final release" expectation, and hope that Sun team can be forthcoming and open about the their project development and features. Microsoft learn the hard way from Vista's mistake and is very forthcoming and open about Windows 7 development and progress which is very encouraging that it now make me feel worth waiting for my next notebook purchase. I hope that I can feel the same for Sun's product.

please tell me where download

I sort of agree with "aloleary"'s post. I have been "promising" my company that Sun has been working on this component for some time. I've been waiting for it so I can adequately demonstrate some key concepts based on some of the features that have been talked about in JWebPane. I couldn't even attempt to write such an API on my own. There is just not enough time in the day to do all this work alone. What I don't understand is why the source is not open. It doesn't make sense for Sun to incorporate WebKit without the help of the community. This should be a project. Push it over to SwingLabs, or just something. Sun, you're missing out on the communities' knowledge of java, browsers and web applications. It's a shame. Or this truly vaporware? I hope not.

Just to voice the same opinion... still feels like slideware... some dates..confirmation of a JDK7 inclusion would be great along with multiplatform statement. Have a Swing RIA app which could really benefit from this feature.....

It seems like you are only willing to answer the easy questions in the comments. Please try to be more verbose.