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LinAlg API: Licenses

Posted by aschunkjava on August 29, 2007 at 7:38 AM PDT

LinAlg API: Dual license-ship

In previous Blogs on LinAlg API i have received questions concerning licenses. Some people fear or dont want to be bound to GPL 2 license because they dont want to opensource their software too.

This is reasonable in particular if you are in the commercial world. To make use of LinAlg API easier for those people i have opted to choose CDDL license - Common Development and Distribution License - which does not imply users to publish their software as opensource and under GPL 2.

The CDDL allows you to use LinAlg API without publishing it under GPL 2 nor publishing it as opensource software. Also you can link to LinAlg API and use this as a library.

In any case, using two licenses makes life easier - both for me and for users of LinAlg API. I think this is also the reason why SUN uses two different licenses.

In the next update of LinAlg for Milestone 1 - which will be released at weekend - it will be shipped with a CDDL License in PDF format.