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AMD announces LWP for Java

Posted by aschunkjava on September 10, 2007 at 8:17 AM PDT

LWP: Light weight profiling

AMD - and also Intel - are working on profiling technologies that gather information on running programs and use this data to improve application performance.

The AMD technology is called LWP and is official avaiable as a PDF from the AMD developer site. The LWP technology extends the AMD 64 Bit architecture and includes two new instructions and statistics features implemented in the CPU.

Intel seems to be working on a similar technology called Rockton Technology but this has not been officially announced yet.

According to official AMD announcements LWP will improve Java or managed code however AMD itself has no official data or figures published. But even its not official nor actually implemented this new technology sounds interesting.

Given this technology and a monitor application on your PC that watches and plots the gathered CPU and or memory data of applications - in particular multi-cores - it will be easier to improve performance of Java and managed applications.

AMD itself says that LWP focuses in particular on Java and .NET managed code. One thing thats interesting is that LWP does not allow applications to use LWP statistics of other applications so each application has its own LWP statistics.

AMD will release a first 64 Bit CPU with LWP in 2008. Intel did not publish any figures yet they say that Rockton Technology does not even exist.

Anyway if AMD will implement LWP on their 64 Bit systems developers writing code for this platform might gain a big plus of performance for their apps.