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LinAlg API: Stable release

Posted by aschunkjava on September 29, 2007 at 12:29 PM PDT

LinAlg API: Stable release

A first stable release of LinAlg API is available. This release offers a few new features, some changes and also some demo apps.

New Features

I have added a tiny utility class called UtilsDegrees to Radians:

With these two methods its possible to convert angles from degree to radian. The following image shows a demo application i have written that does just that:

For a screenshot i refer you to the LinAlg API project homepage

Complex class

The Complex class has undergone the most significant changes. Now the Complex class offers almost all features you need to work with Complex numbers. Below is a list of new features:

  • Conversions between Euler, Trigonometric and algebraic notation
  • tan() and arctan()

I have written a simple demo app called Complex Calculator that is a simple calculator for Complex numbers.

Vector and Matrix class

There is not much new for the Vector classes. The Matrix class has some new features some of which need to be tested.


The stable release will be available with two licenses like the other Milestones of LinAlg APi. The GPL and CDDL license.


I will try to upload the demo apps on the project hompage with screenshots.

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