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Java 6: Update N Nice but

Posted by aschunkjava on October 9, 2007 at 11:05 AM PDT

Java: Update N

The Consumer JRE or Update N for Java 6 is a good one solving some bottlenecks of previous Java versions.

Except Quickstart and Nimbus all items of the new Update worked pretty well on my Win XP Notebook.

I was trying some Java apps i have written but i did not see a remarkable launch improvement instead they were running as usual.

The Deployment Toolkit is a nice Add-On for the Browser telling me that i am using Java 1.7.0 on my Windows.

I have no hard figures for Quickstart on Win XP but i feel my Swing apps already run smooth and have appropriate start up times.

Concerning Nimbus i would love to see it working on Win XP so i hope it will be stable in the near future.

Great work.

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