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LinAlg API: Stable release available for Download

Posted by aschunkjava on October 2, 2007 at 11:52 AM PDT

LinAlg Stable release

A first stable release of LinAlg API is available. You can download it from the LinAlg API project homepage at


With this first stable release i have provided some demo apps. These demo apps are:

  • Angle Converter
  • Complex Calculator

The angle converter simply converters angles from degree to radians. One drawback is then when converting back from radians to degree you have to specify the angle with all digits otherwise the result is wrong.

Complex Calculator supports the basic complex operations like +, -, *, /, abs(), tan() for Complex Numbers.

PASCAL supports basic Vector 3D operations like +, - ,* , /, abs() etc.

You can download the demo apps from the project homepage in the LinAlgDemos folder. For screenshots see the Demos folder.

Bug Reports

I would be happy to receive any user feedback or bug reports of LinAlg API so feel free to post them.

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