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ADI: Application Driven Internet

Posted by aschunkjava on November 5, 2007 at 3:47 AM PST

Application Driven Internet

This Blog is the sequel of my last Blog where i was thinking further on Davids entry. In fact my last Blog results in what i call ADI which is short for Application Driven Internet - a new view on the Interne as a means of using the Internet for sharing Web and Desktop applications
as were they one application.

Your Browser: the Gateway to the Internet

This view on the Internet turns the Browser into the Gateway to the Internet leaving settings and configurations to the applications - i.g. thinks like security, RSS, etc. - and spanning the bridge between your desktop and the world wide web. In this Internet the Browser only is a means for displaying a minimum sort of XML based content with an engine to run applications - if we want full Desktop equivalent applications in the internet we also need some mechanism to run these applications in the browser which means we need some form of internet application engine
that is not bound to the desktop application or may be a part of it.

So in this view on the internet there is no big difference between
desktop applications and web applications. For example consider the following scenario: you have an application for managing email, contacts, etc. with one backend on the desktop and one backend on the internet with the same GUI interface. Now, if you want to write your friend an email just go to the internet menu and select "connect to" and send over the message while the application opens an connection to the internet and displaying the GUI of the Web interface.

Also consider the other case where you have a webapplication with a webinterface that also has a Desktop backend with the same GUI interface but limited features. You can select a menu in your web appliction that opens a connection to this Desktop backend and allows you to work with this Desktop backend almost the same as with the internet appliction.

So within the Application Driven Internet there woul be no frontier between the Web and the Desktop and it would be the users freedom what
application to use and allowing him to configure security and personal settings in both worlds.

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