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Java on Mac: Revised

Posted by aschunkjava on November 1, 2007 at 12:44 PM PDT

Compile once dont run anywhere?

Ok. My Last Blog did stirr up attention but did not bring the very answers i was looking for. Having read some other Blogs i am still confused about what this controversy still is about but i think i am getting right by assuming that Apple is currently not supporting Java 6 on the current Mac OS yet they are planning to support some time later.

However this brings me to some other questions that arise. If Microsoft Windows is only supported because of its market share and Linux because of its popularity - what happens if one these operating systems will not have that market share or popularity? Is there a minimum of operating systems Java is going to run anytime or is the OS portfolio a volatile thing that is shifting and changing depending on acceptance and availability?

What is with those developers that use Java because it supports that variety of operating systems and want to support a variety of plattforms? Is Java not going to get hurt if one big OS vendor says: "well we are supporting Java but not the very latest version of it"? So software developers will have to downgrade to that vendors Java version - if possible - and or have to wait until that vendor is upgrading to the latest Java version.

So the question about Java on Mac or not has a much more deeper truth behind and is not so easy to answer.

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