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JavaFX: Hey thats cool

Posted by aschunkjava on November 10, 2007 at 6:58 AM PST

My First JavaFX Cup

This weekend i was experimenting with JavaFX in order to see how i could use it for my ADI project. And after some working demos and self experiments i came to the conclusion: wow, thas really a cool thing. The
thing i love most of JavaFX is that it really speeds up productivity and
it can be used for web and mobile apps.

A tiny Bug in the Tutorials

There is a tiny bug in the tutorials provided at the JavaFX project page. There is a height attribute missing for the frame to display. You wont see a window without the height attribute. Meanwhile i have provided some German tutorials for JavaFX on my homepage.

Another thing or feature i would like to add to JavaFX or i would like to see is 3D effects. There are already these nice effects build with Java2D yet i think having a 3D view in the browser would be cool.
The JavaFXPad demo implements a "3D" view by using transpareny however i think a "real" 3D view using something like a Z-Order for the Browser window could be implemented.

If SUN keeps up working on JavaFX i think it will be one of the next booms in the internet and on mobile devices.