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LinAlg API: Its rolling...

Posted by aschunkjava on November 6, 2007 at 2:33 AM PST

LinAlg API Overview

My recent Blog did gain some attention and i have updated the LinAlg API project homepage with some more information on project goals and people who are working on features.

Project Goals

LinAlg API is an opensource API for linear algebra with a set of certain common linear algebra operations for Vectors, Matrices and Complex Numbers and implementatons of common algorithms.

LinAlg API cannot easily be compared to other Math APIs like Math commons or JScience. Its just yet another API that offers its own features and which is releaased under two common licenses: GPL 2 and CDDL for people that dont like the GPL 2.

One thing thats different to other APIs is that i am planning to add 64 Bit versions for Windows and Linux and a Mac OS X port. If you are working with Mac OS X you can easily compile LinAlg because its build with Java source level 1.4 since it does not make use of any special Java 5 or Java 5 Syntax enhancements.


LinAlg API is released under GPL 2 and CDDL license. If you dont like the GPL 2 you can use the CDDL license.

CVS Access

Soucre code of LinAlg API can be accessed via CVS using a normal CVS client or NetBeans build in CVS access. Alternatively you can donwload the zip archives if you want to build from scratch or just use the .jar binary build to work with it.

Features, Whishlist

The Todo list for Features or Whishlist is growing yet i have some personal favorite for features in LinAlg you may can add if you like to:

  • Matrix: array based operations, free Rotation
  • Optimization
  • Gauss and other algorithms

For an uptodate list of Todos and tasks currently worked on checkout the LinAlg API project homepage.

Contributors needed...

And, of course, i am still looking for contributors and volonteers
that would like to help testing and improving LinAlg API. LinAlg API is an opensoucre project so anyone can join and help making it better.