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LinAlg API: on international development

Posted by aschunkjava on November 15, 2007 at 8:17 AM PST

An Experiment at the beginning

When i started developing LinAlg API it was just personal interest and a sort of experiment. Is it possible to write a simple-to-use API for Vector and Matrix operations? Well, the answer seems to be: Yes. Then, i decided to add Complex number functionality and to keep scope of LinAlg API features to a minimum. There are of course other such APIs for vector and matrix calculus yet i had my very own idea how to implement such an API. I wanted to make it easy-to-use and comfortable. Thats why it is implemented as it is.

The way to

As development moved on i decided to host it on in order to find fellow developers to join this project. It took a bit of Blogging to gain some interest and now i have fellow developers all over the world from the USA over China to India. One thing thats a bit hard is to get information about project members once they joined the project and to keep track of development of these developrs. Until you have setup some sort of mailing list or a developer forum it seems to be impossible to keep uptodate with the development of other people. So here is a proposal for to add a feature for this to share information on users contact information and background - because sometimes its interesting to have an idea of the people you are working with.

Moving on

Now, since Linalg has made its way over the world its time to move on. I have added a few ports to 64 Bit systems and other Java platforms like the wireless API. I am still looking for interested developers that could porting LinAlg API to other 64 Bit systems and to the mobile platform. The End.

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