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OpenSource Software: You get what you not pay for?

Posted by aschunkjava on November 12, 2007 at 8:51 AM PST

OpenSource: A definition

To begin with my thesis i would like to provide a definition of opensoucre software since some people might have a different concept of it. Under OpenSource software i understand any software that is either released under the GPL and / or GPL equivalent license.

According to this definition most projects at this page and most of the Apache projects are opensource software.

I am not aware about how many Java opensoucre projects exist - i do develop one of my own at - but i think its not a small number compared to non opensoucre projects.

Thesis: OpenSource software is low-quality

A common opinion of many people is or seems to be that opensource software - as understood above - is bad or not you get what you pay for. I dont know how many of these people develop web applications but in the Java web domain there are many good or even great opensource libraries available that are easy to use and provide good productivity.

Also - if you visit some of the websites of apache projects - you will discover that opensource developers do care about information on releases, milestones, updates, bugs etc. Sometims it seems that people stating the opposite did never use a good opensource software. Sure there