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Spinning around: What do you expect from the next 10 years

Posted by aschunkjava on November 7, 2007 at 10:02 AM PST

Connected all over the world

One thing thats most important is that the number of broadband internet access computers is growing and the world is getting more and more connected. Another important thing is that it doesnt matter wheather you are using a Desktop PC, a laptop or a Mobile phone: almost all services are available on these distinct plattfroms and can almost easily be shared and exchagend.

One thing thats still ticking in my head is that although the internet has various tools for displaying and manipulating XML based content its not possible to write really desktop equivalent applications that can communicate with the Desktop resoucres and other internt resources alike. So i think this is one big task on the Thinktanks Todo list.

I have blogged about this this week when i was outlining an Application Driven Internet yet this kind of internet requires new technologies that are not available today but may be in the next 5 years. I am currently elaborating some ways to get something like this done with the curent tools available though its a bit hard job to do. I have an idea of using JavaFX driven clients that can communicate with Java based browsers on the Internet side and Java based applications on the Desktop side that too can communicate with the Java Browser.

This is what David Herron has been thinking of when speaking about the Internet jail and the incapabilities of current Browsers. Whats needed are Browsers that are only tools for accessing the internet not to display content however a Browser still needs some concept of how to display certain informations.

Now lets wait and see what the next 5 years will bring us and how we can help achieve this.