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The beautiful World of Java Swing

Posted by aschunkjava on November 10, 2007 at 12:32 PM PST

Somewhere deep down in the API forrest...

In the beginning there was Swing as a subset of AWT with a huge array of features for GUI programming. Ok. Now we have JavaFX, Swing-X, Fuse and the Swing Application Framework.

Now, from the developers point of view its nice to have this kind of choice of many APIs available for GUI programming yet whats missing is a kind of overview what API to choose for what kind of project. For example the Swing-X API offers some features one would like to see in the Java Swing API. JavaFX has even more features not available in Swing and other such APIs.

If JavaFX is the next generation GUI API for Web and Mobile apps whats going on with Java Swing on the desktop?.

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