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LinAlg API: Finished

Posted by aschunkjava on December 17, 2007 at 11:14 AM PST

LinAlg API: its finished

Yes. Finally, i got it done. LinAlg API now offers all the things i wanted to see it have. Sure, there are some things to do here and there but basically all features from my todo list are now implemented and exist at an almost complete level. The Quaternion class needs to be finished yet this is something i will do in the next couple of weeks however the Quaternion class already provides some basic operations for Quaternions you can work with with.

LinAlg API: Scope and Features

From the very beginning i wanted to write an almost complete linear algebra API that offers basic features to do linear algebra with Java. Now, lets have a short look at what features LinAlg API provides with this stable release:

  • 2D and 3D Vector arithmetics
  • Matrix operations - both array based and non array-based
  • Complex Number operations
  • Quaternions - still something on the todo list
  • Algorithms - yes, there is a general Gaussian algorithm now
  • Demos, Docs, Tutorials

Sure, there are some things you wont find in LinAlg API that some people may find useful yet the Todo list has not been closed :). Another important thing - that has nothing todo with its implementation - is the growing number of interesting people and developers that join the project. Some of them give feedback others not but its a good feeling to see that there are people that like the project and want to help make it better.

Sure, i am still looking for volunteers, testers and developers to test and help improve LinAlg API so if you are interested feel free to joint the project.

Demos, Docs, Tutorials

There are a few demos available that demonstrate the core features of LinAlg API, a tutorial for beginners and a whitepaper for those interested in background information. I will start writing a JCP for those interested in using LinAlg API for their own implementations. Basically using LinAlg API is rather simple - no matter if you use it for developing apps or to develop your own linear algebra API. I will provide more tutorials and information on implementation issues in the near future.

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