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Mercurial at home

Posted by aschunkjava on December 13, 2007 at 10:55 AM PST

Mercurial at home

Since the beginning of OpenJDK i followed the discussion about the mercurial move. Since the main job of porting over the sources from subversion CVS to Mercurial - that is the Mercurial transition - is done i wanted to test Mercurial myself at home.

As a Windows user i was looking for a Windows download and found one at the Mercurial download page. Having installed Mercurial on my machine i did run the hg test command and got a list of help commands for the other mercurial commands.

After experimenting with other commands i found that for each command it is required to add the hg command which i find a bit of "repeat yourself." and thought i got myself writing a few batch files to do the job.

Having a few batch files to create and update repositories i found that having a GUI application for Mercurial that displays the repositories and their files would be even better. I am not aware about how good Java would do the job here but i think it should be possible to have an application that goes over all files in the directories of the repositories and shows the files connected to them.

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