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LinAlg API: Full List of Features

Posted by aschunkjava on January 21, 2008 at 1:24 AM PST

New Feautures: Eigenvalues and triple scalar product

The next release of LinAlg API will provide methods to compute Eigenvalues and the triple scalar product.

Eigenvalues and the triple scalar product are common and helpful mathematical features that are useful for solving a lot of common math problems.

The Eigenvalues are computed by solving the linear equation det(A-lambda*In) where A is a Matrix, lambda a free parameter and In the identity matrix. We can simplify this by simply determening the det(a) of the Matrix with a parameter and omitting the multplication with the identity matrix since a value multplied by 1 results in the same value.

And the multiplication by the identity matrix just means: multiply all diagonal components of the matrix by 1 that is m11, m22, m33 and m44 if you have a 4x4 matrix.

The triple scalar product is simply computed by computing the volume of three 3D Vectors by multiplying all components of the three 3D Vectors and perform some + and - operations on them.


Why would one use LinAlg vs. JAMA? I'm not expert enough in either to know. I'm just looking for what the difference in focus is from your perspective. Thanks for the info.