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Testing session at Java ME track at SUN TechDays, Saint Petersburg

Posted by alexeyp on March 31, 2007 at 11:37 PM PDT

If you speak Russian, check the href="">agenda
and descriptions
of Java ME sessions. 'Java ME Testing' session description is in the
end of the list, it concludes the Java ME track and Day 2.

Slides and description for it were first created in the native
of Internet and IT, that we use at work and call English by inertia. I
did a first pass of translation to Russian and found that for many
notions I do not have adequate words. For example, does open
mean the same as ???????? ??? ?
From the other side - with mother tongue you can make your speech so
alive !

Check blogs of my colleagues who are speakers at the
Java ME
track: Danila
(CLDC), Petr
(CDC), Alexander
(Testing). Presentations in English, like one of href="">Simon Ritter
about ME Gaming, will be translated online.

I will also be there at the Java ME POD. See you at SUN
TechDays in Saint Petersburg !

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