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Tag game: better later than never

Posted by alexfromsun on January 27, 2007 at 6:01 AM PST

A few weeks ago Chris
tagged 4 people at once !

It was a nice shot and that's why it took a while for me to prepare an answer

So, five strange things about me which came to my mind on this snowy Saturday:

  • I went to a very traditional Soviet school which was considered as the best one in the district I lived.
    We all wore the red ties because we were "young pioneers".
    Sometimes, after the lessons, we were to march along the school hall and sing patriotic songs
    and because I was a rather tall boy I was selected to carry a big red flag in the vanguard (no jokes).
    Despite the fact I didn't go to the army, I still remember how to use Kalashnikov

  • I made my first airplane flight when I was 20.
    It was a little plane for parachute jumpers and it was my first parachute jump

  • When I was a student I, together with my university pals,
    went to the very north of Russia to do manual labour and raise some money during summer time.
    I used to dig, drag and drop and after that I realized that I should probably find another job

  • Working on summer allowed me to buy my first PC - IBM 386 with 4 Mb RAM and 40 MB hard disk,
    it was really powerful and cost me 550$

  • I like to travel and to meet new people,
    so don't hesitate if you want to invite me to your city and show some interesting places :-)
    By the way if you happen to visit Saint-Petersburg,
    let me know and I'll select a day to accompany you on your city exploration

That's it !

I am tagging Kirill, who seems to be the only active javadesktop blogger
who hasn't revealed any facts from his biography yet