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Debug Swing repainting

Posted by alexfromsun on November 6, 2007 at 11:22 AM PST

As everybody knows if you need to repaint a Swing component you should call Component.repaint() method,
another well-known tip for the fast painting is:

If only part of your component needs to be updated, make paint requests using a version of repaint that specifies the painting region.

It is very simple piece of advice - not to paint more than you need,
but sometimes this situation is not easy to catch.
Usually it is obvious when you paint less than you need, but
repainting something which hasn't been changed is a kind of "invisible" operation.

If the whole frame is repainted when any of its children is repainted you would hardly notice it on modern computer and that is the reason why I decided to return to my old love, Swing debugging and add one debugging tool to JXLayer project

A visual indication for repainting events must work for every component, no matter which color it is painted, so I created an elegant layer's UI delegate which catches repainting and shows fade-out effect using inverted colors for a repainted area.

With this painter you can study your GUI and eliminate unnecessary painting, moreover it is very interesting just to see how Swing paints the core components - what part of a JTree is repainted when you open a node? What is repainted when you open a popup ?

Now it easy to get answers for this kind of questions.

For example, it is easy to see what part of JTextField is repainted when you type in it and what happens when JTree's selection
is changed.I was also very pleased to check that we don't paint more than we need when selection of JTable is changed (second tab in the demo)

I hope you'll find it useful for painting optimization for your custom components and LookAndFeels.

As usual it works for all LookAndFeels, the only thing you need is to wrap a container with your components with JXLayer and set DebugPainter from JXLayer's demo package.

A flash presentation is available, press the green button below to start:

Have a nice day


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