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Heart Pounding Drama

Posted by amvernon on December 13, 2006 at 6:10 PM PST

The 2006 JavaOne Conference was my very first one. I joined the team just prior to the launch of the Call for Papers, in early November. I was warned to "hold on". I had no idea what to expect, it was a pulse racing couple of days.

And this year is shaping up in very much the same way, it's JavaOne Conference Call for Papers, The Sequel!

I just checked our database and at 6pm on 12/13 I found 315 submissions. May sound pretty good to an outsider, but it gets my blood pressure up. Will we have enough good content to select from? Where is everyone? As the suspense builds over the next 48 hours, the plot is (hopefully) predictable. As in JavaOne Conference Call for Papers, The Original, I experienced the hockey stick effect like I never have before - over 1000 submissions came in over a 24 hour period. For The Sequel, the suspense is killing me, but like all good action/dramas, I am waiting for that strong, climactic ending.

That climactic ending is in your hands! GO now! Submit your paper for 2007 JavaOne Conference.. Tick, tick and at 6:10 the count is up to 319...

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