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It's (Java)One Big Happy Family

Posted by amvernon on February 9, 2007 at 5:58 PM PST

The JavaOne team finally took to heart the attendee feedback for "more community involvement" in content selection. After whipping up a "friendly and collaborative" legal agreement, we enlisted the expertise of these folks to review, comment and selection of technical session and birds-of-a-feather. I've also identified the track that they were involved in reviewing:

Andre Charland: Nitobi, President - Tools and Languages track

Dan Creswell: Lone Crusadar Ltd - Cool Stuff track

Neal Gafter: Google, Software Engineer - Core Platform track

Ben Galbraith: Self-Employed, Consultant - Next Generation Web and Desktop tracks

Leonardo Galvao: SouJava / Java Magazine Director / Editor-in-Chief - Open Source track

Romain Guy: Freelance Software Engineer - Desktop track

Cay Horstmann: Professor - Tools and Languages track

Stephan Janssen: BeJUG Chairman - Open Source track

Theodore Leung: Apache - Open Source track

Brian Lewis: Intel, Inc. - Cool Stuff track

Fabiane Nardon: JavaTools Community - Open Source track

William Pugh: Univ. of Maryland, Professor - Core Platform track

Dirk Riehle: SAP/Research - Open Source track

Hani Suleiman: Formicary, CTO - Next Generation Web and Enterprise Platform track

Dain Sundstrom: IBM, Apache Geronimo - Open Source track

Fabio Velloso: Summa Technologies, Senior Consultant - Open Source track

Joe Winchester: IBM UK, Software Engineer, IBM Rational Software Group - Desktop track

We invited our external reviewers to comment on their experience. For a unfiltered piece of advice to submitters, you might want to check out the Bile Blog by Hani

Next time: the long awaited conclusion of JavaOne Conference Call for Papers, The Sequel! Having wrapped up on Dec 15, 2006, it was an amazing (but predictable) climax.

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