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Do you want a web server with that?

Posted by amyroh on June 29, 2005 at 2:44 PM PDT

It has been pretty exciting after Sun's Open Source Application Server project GlassFish announcement on Monday morning at JavaOne. James Gosling wore our cute GlassFish t-shirt on stage during the General Session on Tuesday. I was glad to see that many developers came to our booth and shared excitement of the news and interests. We had a well attended GlassFish BOF on Monday night to introduce the project on how to get involved and also to get some inputs from the community.

If you were at the BOF, you might remember the question regarding whether GlassFish has a plan to support the JK connector. It was answered that GlassFish has great performance (and benchmark to prove it) and that there will not be any need to plug in any other connector. One audience member stated that you might want the JK connector for other purposes than performance.

I vaguely remembered the feature being requested through java forums and implementing it. I wasn't too sure during the BOF if the feature did in fact make it. It's been a while and I didn't want to prematurely give out wrong information. Enabling the JK connector in the Application Server wasn't a popular feature request. The webtier module of the Application Server builds on top of Tomcat and Tomcat supports the JK Connector. Since GlassFish doesn't ship with the JK connector, you'll need to download tomcat-jk.jar from Tomcat distribution and specify port number using sysproperty in processLauncher.xml to define the port number. The feature hasn't been extensively tested or documented yet.

I searched back for my cvs check in for the feature and found this. It was a little over a year ago and I should have remembered it but my memory seemed to have failed me on this. So check it out and let us know if you have questions on how to enable it or anything else you might want to know, is listening.

How many of you plug in a web server with your application server and what are some of the reasons?

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