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And the message is...

Posted by arnold on June 10, 2003 at 11:12 AM PDT

How many guest speakers from how many big companies do we get? A
lot of what's been exciting in the past were talks from companies
we've never heard of doing things we've never thought of. This
year, at least today, we've been treated to speakers (yes, sometimes
fun) only from Sun's major corporate partners. Can we at least
spread this out a bit?

Yet the message is fun. It's great that Sun starts bringing together
the notion of a single platform. There are incompatibilities
between the platforms that need to be smoothed, including some that
never needed to be there. It will be nice to pull them together.
These incompatibilities have been a thumbtack on the floor for
network things like Jini all along: What can downloaded code rely

Still, I confess to be baffled by why we need a single network.
One of the things that Jini has proved is that you don't need that:
You need one platform so I can give you code that knows
how to talk to me, and then the network becomes an implementation

Already today, there are people using Jini to build networks that
simultaneously and seamlessly run across Bluetooth, ethernet,
LonWorks, and X10. Why one network?

In effect, Jini is the object layer on the network stack. We agree
in advance on a Java API, instead of agreeing in advance on network
protocols. The implementation gets filled in as appropriate for
the local network environment.

"Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Everytime." So why "One Network"?
How about using that One Platform to build on "Every Net"?

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