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And they're off!

Posted by arnold on June 10, 2003 at 11:09 AM PDT

This is getting ridiculous, although in a vaguely amusing way.
Instead of merely reserving seats at the keynote for the alumni,
today they hold the new folks behind ropes until the alums have
found their way to their seats. So we few, we chosen few, walk
past these "serfs" on the way into the keynote.

I mean, really. What message does that send? If watching it from
the cheap seats was annoying, let me tell you that walking in front
was self-conscious-ifying. Should I scatter pennies? Sneer at the
groundlings? Give that little tittle of a wave the queen uses?

Next time, folks, let's set this up to be less cocky, shall we?

As usual, we start off with some musical stuff. This year it's
less dramatic but actually, I think, more conducive to the flow.
Still, a startinng charge from a deep beat and movement
would be nice, and save the calmer, intricate stuff for a later
day. Ah well, small complaint.

On the other hand, they're now doing crowd shots so we get to see
ourselves on TV. Sort of like a ball game, but without the Cracker
Jacks. Or the little kids. Or the big, drunk guys with painted
letters on their chests.

Maybe next year...

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