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Posted by arnold on June 12, 2003 at 3:08 PM PDT

Last night was JiniFest, which was a blast. JiniFest is what the
Jini community does at JavaOne to have folks show what they're
doing with Jini. Some are community projects led by interested
geeks and others are commercial products. So while the Java
community folks are doing boring (if important) process stuff, the
Jini folks are having a party.

Jini is generally the best kept secret of Java, and in that vein,
The Powers That Be™ put JiniFest in the farthest possible
room from the main area of the community event. You had to walk
past empty rooms to find it. Not that this implies that some folks
in Sun are putting Jini down, of course.

The room, though, was crowded with folks doing fun stuff with Jini.
If nothing else, we had the largest percentage of Brazilian of
any event on the floor. There were around 30 community projects
and companies with tables showing what they've been doing. Some
have been with us since Jini was released, and others just went
public. At least one company went from no Jini code to full product
release in less than nine months, so it all happened since
the last JiniFest.

I can't possibly remember it all, and I don't want to play favorites.
Some companies had Jini development and deployment tools, including
some interesting hardware demos with stuff that looks like props
from an Austin Powers film (that is, it looks like a spoof on 007
technology). Several companies had products using Jini to build
systems, including financial and taxes to security. Some were so
new they hadn't even started last year, and others are ongoing for
some time. The projects were led by some folks who just had something
they wanted to do.

The first annual award for service to the community went to Bill
Venners, who (among other things) runs href=""> Bill has been doing the
monthly FAQ postings, drove the first approved community standard,
has been on the oversight committee since the beginning, etc. In
other words: Well, duh, who else? Congrats, Bill.

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