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No longer waiting for Gosling

Posted by arnold on June 11, 2003 at 12:49 PM PDT

Okay, James breaks the spell, as always: Someone who isn't a major
Sun partner gets up on the stage....

Three someones.

But don't do this to us next time. So much stuff up front put
James really late. And James is the most interesting.
I'm watchin people drift out, and the hall is getting to be emptier,
but that's because this has been going as a single session for 2.5
hours so far, and people have places they have to go.

I know you want people to hang through the other stuff to get to
James. But the result is that everyone else's time slippage (which
always happens) comes out of James's time, or people's ability to
hang out.

Still, as always, really worth it.

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